Parliamentary Select Committee visits CSIR-BRRI


The CSIR-Building and Road Research Institute (CSIR-BRRI) hosted the Parliamentary Select Committee on Environment, Science and Technology on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2021. As a committee with the oversight responsibility of agencies under the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), there was the need to undertake this all-important visit in order to apprise members with the activities of CSIR Institutes so as to enable them both justify and defend the annual budget appropriations Council for Scientific and Industrial Research presents in Parliament.

In his introductory remark, the Deputy Director General of CSIR, Prof. Paul Pinnock Bosu, stated that the visit was to engage Management of the CSIR-BRRI to inspect the activities of the Institute, ascertain challenges facing the Institute, as well as opportunities available to the Institute whenever the need arose.


On the 11thMay,2021, The Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, visited the CSIR-Building and Road Research Institute. The visit was part of his tour to the various Institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to ascertain the activities of all thirteen Institutes as well as know how best the Ministry could help boost research and development activities.

After touring the Civil Engineering lab, Pozzolana factory and the Brick factory, Dr. Afriyie stated that, ‘Ghana is sitting on a Gold mine’. This was as a result of the expertise and professionals CSIR-BRRI and CSIR has as a whole. Due to this, he promised to make sure as the sector minister to get organizational linkages and partnerships with the CSIR-BRRI in order to boost production and commercialization activities.



As a measure by the Ministry of Works and Housing to promote the use of local building products and materials in the country, the Minister of Works and Housing, Hon. Asenso-Boakye visited the CSIR- Building, and Road Research Institute on 5th May 2021. His visit was to inspect the Pozzolana and Brick factories owned by the Institute and see how best Government could help boost production of these factories to help the Institute produce in large commercial quantities to accomplish the dream of using local building materials.

In a discussion with the management of CSIR-BRRI, it was made clear that with an amount between two to four million dollars, the institute would be able to expand its Pozzolana factory to help boost production.

Furthermore, the use of Pozzolana in the Ghanaian economy would help reduce the cost of cement by thirty percent.

In this view, Hon, Asenso-Boakye promised that the Government would advocate for sponsorships and partnerships to help in the expansion of these factories. Products of the factories would be used to build and develop the Affordable housing projects, Schools, hospitals, drainage systems, and chip compounds.

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The Chairman of the Governing Council of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Ghana (CSIR-Ghana) has presented the first-place award to the CSIR-Building and Road Research Institute for being the highest-earning Institute, as well as the most commercially oriented Institute for the year 2020 in the CSIR. The awards ceremony was held at the CSIR- Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI) premises on 16th December, 2020. Other Institutes that received awards were the Oil Palm Research Institute, OPRI, (Second-place award), and the Crops Research Institute, CRI, (Third-place award).

The Director of CSIR-BRRI, Ing. Surv. Dr. Daniel Asenso-Gyambibi, further explained that the awards ceremony was initiated by the Governing Council to appreciate Institutes that had worked in accordance with CSIR’s Strategic Plan with respect to Commercialisation and contribution to the internally generated funds (IGF) for CSIR-Ghana.


The Director of the Building and Road Research Institute dedicated two new Nissan Hardbody Pick-up's for the institute on 28th October, 2019.
As part of CSIR-BRRI's activities, it is incumbent on the institute as a government and research institution to undertake research into all aspects of building and road with respect to planning, design, construction and maintenance to assist the construction industry perform efficiently, safely and cost effectively. It was therefore necessary to acquire the two vehicles to augment the vehicle fleet for safe and efficient journeys, as well as research activities.





Gov’t urged to utilise low carbon concrete for climate control

A senior research scientist at Building and Road Research Institute says the government must utilize low carbon concrete to reduce the impact of climate change. Dr. Mark Bediako says growing population and attendant demand for construction services gives rise to the emission of carbon dioxide.

“Our President is talking about sustainable development that leads to climate change; there’s a need for us to look at the construction industry. Now we’re building railways, building homes for the needy and we need concrete so, we’re going to contribute hugely to carbon dioxide emissions,” he pointed out.

“The best is to use materials that can produce low carbon concrete and that’s what the world is pushing for,” Dr. Bediako stressed.

New Director takes office at CSIR-Building and Road Research Institute

Surv. Daniel Asenso-Gyambibi, a Principal Research Scientist, has been ushered in as the Director of the Institute at a brief ceremony.

He takes over from Ing. Dr. Eugene Atiemo, a Chief Research Scientist. This event took place on Thursday, November 1, 2018, at the Institute's Conference Room during an emergency Internal Management Committee(IMC) meeting, organised for that purpose.

Surv. Daniel Asenso-Gyambibi promised to uplift CSIR-BRRI to another level by considering partnership with government and industry. Building a symbiotic relationship with key players in the science and technology industry, he said, would help improve the Institute with greater focus on the Brick and Tile as well as Pozzolana factories.

Furthermore, the Director stated that he would be a committed leader by helping equip and improve the Institute’s facilities by improving the internet systems, continuing uncompleted projects, furnishing the library and laboratories, as well as building skills and capacities of staff through Conferences, Workshops,Seminars and In-Service training.

Surv. Daniel Asenso-Gyambibi joined the Institute in 1998 when he finished his mandatory one year outstanding National Service the previous year, following the completion of his undergraduate degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is currently a PhD candidate and has served on several boards and committees within the Council. He has over 20 years of experience in construction, consultancy services in roads, buildings, dams, topographic mapping and civil works. He is also a member of the Research Staff Association and has served as President and Secretary of the local branch for many years.

Members of the IMC warmly welcomed the Director and shared solidarity messages with him







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