Technology Transfer

    Technology Transferred to Industry or ready for transfer 
    These include Fast track, cost-saving building technologies; lime production for paint and as a road stabilizer; construction of laminated timber bridges with lesser-used species of local timber, assisting in the establishment of small and medium scale brick industries in some villages (Asokwa, Fumesua and Ankaful); production of timber building components; tile press fork making roofing tiles; production of clay-pozzolana cement blocks; and improved clamp firing method for burnt bricks and tiles.

    Technical Services Offered 
    Services are offered in all areas of building construction and, in particular, architectural works; structural engineering; highway engineering, settlement planning and erosion control, quantity and physical surveying, geotechnical engineering. In addition, assistance is offered in:

    1. Evaluation, planning, design and construction of low cost housing;
    2. Evaluation of site plans and competitive design for low-cost houses;
    3. Foundation engineering and structural analysis of multistorey and complex buildings;
    4. Treatment of ground infested with termites;
    5. Setting up of cottage brick industries;
    6. Production of timber building components;
    7. Timber building projects;
    8. Training of brick-masons and brick-layers for the construction industry;
    9. Special Courses for highway engineers on request;
    10. Training on accident black spots for the police (Motor Traffic Unit), highway engineers, and planners;
    11. Training in construction management for small-scale contractors.