Significant Achievements

    i. Development and production of Portland Pozzolana cement
    ii. Development and production of calcined-clay Pozzolana
    iii. Development of ternary cements from Portland Cement, calcined clay pozzolana and Limestone
    iv. Development of Portland Limestone cement from local limestone
    v. Development of steel slag cement
    vi. Production of pedestrian and light traffic pavement bricks
    vii. Construction of laminated timber bridge from lesser-known timber species and pozzolana cement
    viii. Production of lime from clam shells
    ix. Improved laterite/earth materials for building construction
    x. Evaluation of 100 clay deposits for construction purposes
    xi. Identification of 80No. termite-resistant timber species
    xii. Application of Drones and GIS in surveying and construction
    xiii. Publication of Ghana Building Code
    xiv. Publication of Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures book
    xv. Publication of monthly Construction Cost Indices for the building industry (adopted by PPA and the World Bank)
    xvi. Publication of book on Pozzolana cement
    xvii. Database of National Accident Statistics from 1990 – to date
    xviii. Construction supervision of Kumasi City Road Rehabilitation Project
    xix. Design and construction pozzolana cement plants at Fumesua, Kumasi and Gomoa Mprumem
    xx. Design and construction of over 20No. semi-mechanised burnt bricks factories in Ghana
    xxi. Design and construction supervision of Tailings Storage Facilities for mining companies like Prestea Sankofa Gold Ltd and Ghana Bauxite Co.
    xxii. Development of cost-saving fast-track building technologies that gives a saving of at least 20% over traditional methods
    xxiii. Design and construction of 253No. schools under the Primary Education Rehabilitation Project in the 3 Northern regions
    xxiv. Design and use of empty plastic bottles as walling materials
    xxv. Management improvement training for small-scale contractors
    xxvi. Management improvement training for technicians and artisans on cost-saving technologies and techniques
    xxvii. Improved Technical training for engineers, foremen and artisans on bricklaying, geomatic and geotechnical engineering
    xxviii. Training of Police, and highway/traffic engineers in road safety applications