Commercialisation Division

As a follow up to the establishment of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (Act 521 of 1996), the Commercialization and Information Division was established at the Institute to place a high premium on identification, development and commercial transfer of simple cost-effective technologies to support the Ghanaian economy.

The CID plays the linkage role of marketing our consultancy services and physical products. The Division usually identifies potential customers and advises on packaging our products and services to meet clients' demands.

With the establishment of the Commercialization and Information Division (CID) the Institute’s products are being marketed to the outside world through;
•    Consultancy services;
•    Technology transfer;
•    Sales of physical products;
•    Advisory services

The Division is made up of three sections:
•    Marketing Section
•    Library Section
•    Printing, Publication and Audio-visual Section.


The functions of the Commercialization & Information Division include the following:
1.    Identification of technologies and services that can be commercialized in the Institute.
2.    Determination of costs of technologies and services in the Institute.
3.    Promotion of available technologies and services in the Institute by enlightening the target groups (entrepreneurs) on available technologies and services through workshops, seminars, publications, open days.
4.    Sensitize Research Officers on technologies and services that can be commercialized.
5.    Negotiations for the sale of technologies and services on behalf of the Institute. This includes costing, mode of payments, agreement preparation and signing in consultation with CSIR Legal Department.
6.    Monitoring and appraising services to customers.
7.    Provision of Library services to support Research and Development.
8.    Provision of Secretarial and IT services to support commercialization activities.
9.    Provision of audio-visual services to support commercialization activities.


1.    Job Tracking
•    Visit to potential and existing clients
•    Holding meetings with appropriate clients’ staff then briefing them about CSIR-BRRI activities.

2.    Preparation of Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services

3.    Preparation of Technical & Financial Proposal for Consultancy Services
•    Consulting Heads of Divisions
•    Collecting the requisite data
•    Submitting the Technical & Financial Proposal to the Client.

4.    Project Site Inspection and Meetings
•    Arrange with Contractors and Clients to meet at Project Sites
•    Traveling to Project Sites
•    Inspections of Projects
•    Meeting to discuss Project status and way forward.

5.    Preparation of Reports on Commercial Activities for management decision taking.

6.    Liaising with Mass Media
•    Coverage of BRRI special events
•    Facilitating radio appearance for BRRI staff


  • Planning and execution of seminars, workshops, trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Preparation of exhibits for exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Preparation of “Commerbrief” Brochure and Flyers on BRRI commercial activities
  • Preparation of BRRI Quarterly and Annual Reports
  • Preparation of Research Portfolio Posters
  • Publishing of BRRI Journal


1.    Routine Works

  • Cataloguing and Classification
  • Date entry (CID-ISIS)
  • Reader Services and Reference Work

2.    Materials Acquisition

  • Preparation of New Orders
  • Ordering of Materials
  • Subscription Renewals (online and off-line)

3.    Special Projects

  • Reorganization of Archival Collection
  • Updating Master List of BRRI Publications
  • Codification of BRRI Publications
  • History Project
  • Binding of Newspapers