Designation : Research Scientist
Qualification: MSc. Geology (Petroleum Geoscience); BSc. (Geological Engineering)
Specialization: Geological Engineer

Designation : Senior Research Scientist
Qualification: PhD (Material Science Engineering); MPhil. (Materials Engineering); BSc. (Chemical Engineering)
Specialization: Cement Science, Durability of cement based materials, X-ray reviews, incinerator design and construction, mineral and chemical admixtures for cement

Designation : Principal Research Scientist

Designation : Senior Research Scientist
Qualification: MSc. (Geo Info. Systems with Remote Sensing);Dip.(Geological Eng) 
Specialization: Geological Engineering

MSc. (Geo Info. Systems with Remote Sensing);Dip.(Geological Eng); 

Designation: Senior Research Scientist
Qualification: Msc. (Physics) PGD (Geo-Physics); BSc. (Physics)
Specialization: Geophysicist

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