CSIR-BRRI completes the construction of incierators in the Upper East Region of Ghana

CSIR-BRRI in partnership with Water-Aid Ghana has completed the construction of incinerators in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Under this project, a total number of 14 incinerators were constructed for some selected health centers in the Bongo and the Kasena Nankana West Districts in the the Upper East region.

The health centers that benefitted from the incinerators in Bongo district were Wagliga CHPS, Dua, Feo, Kudrogo, Gowire CHPS, and Anafobisi health centers whereas that of Kasena Nankana West district includes Mirigu CHPS, Kandiga, Sirigu, Paga, Chaana, Navio CHPS, and Kajelo CHPS. Ing Dr. Mark Bediako, the project leader has mentioned that the construction of  these incinerators are going to save the health centers time and financial constraints in transporting hospital waste to other health centers for waste treatment and disposal.