The National Artisan Training Centre of the CSIR-BRRI, Kumasi, announces the under-listed fee-paying short courses which begin in June, 2014 and invites interested persons and organisations to register:

1.    Geomatic Surveying Technician Course using Total Station, GPS and GIS (Four Weeks)
Conventional Surveying Techniques using Total Station (leveling, traversing, volume computation and setting out); GPS Survey (fundamentals of GPS, data collection, processing and reporting); GIS (Introduction to GIS, data capture, processing, management, analysis and display); Computer-assisted drawing; Health, Safety and Welfare i Construction; Basic Project Management Skills; etc.

2.    Fundamental Training in Soil and Rock Mechanics
Module 1: Field Work (Two Weeks)

Fied Identification of Soils and Rocks; Drilling/test pit excavation; Sample collection, sample preparation and Site location.

Module 2: Laboratory Works I (Four Weeks)
Atterberg Limit Tests; Grading Tests; Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Data Capture; Resistivity Measurements of Rocks and Seismic Data Capture; Triaxial Tests; Compaction Tests; California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Tests; DTM Data Processing; Seismic Data Processing; Resistivity Data Processing; Consolidation Tests; Data Preparation and DTM Data Presentation.                                                                                                                                 

Module 3: Laboratory Work II and Reporting (Two Weeks)                                                                      
Continuation of Consolidation Tests; Triaxial Shear Tests, including, Unconsolidated Undrained, Consolidated Undrained and Consolidated Drained; Data Preparation; Resistivity Data Processing; Seismic Data Processing; Report Writing; Group Reports Presentation and Submission of Individual Reports.

3.    Specialist Training for Foremen  (Four Weeks)
Basic Interpretation of Architectural and Structural Engineering Drawings (Including Masonry, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing,etc.); Setting Out; Concrete Technology (Aggregate types, Cement types, Cement/Water Ratio, Slump Test); Column Foundation Footing; Anti-Termite Treatment Technology Transfer; Basic Project Management Skills; Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction; Clay Pozzolana Application and Best Practices in using Building Materials  

4.    Steel Fixing/Bending Course (Four Weeks)
Basic Interpretation of Architectural and Structural Engineering Drawings; Foundation Plan; Column Foundation Footing; General Arrangements; Specifications and Reinforcement

District Assembly Staff, GREDA Members, Contractors’ Association, Individual Artisans, Foremen, Senior High/Technical/ NVTI School Leavers, CTC & HND Holders, etc.
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